GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — In the next five years, drinking too much alcohol may become less harmful.

British Professor David Nutt has introduced synthetic alcohol called “Alcarelle” that could leave you hangover-free — no matter how much you consume.

According to the Guardian, Nutt has claimed the alcohol replacement molecule “alcosynth” can detect and block the brain receptors which are responsible for inducing tipsiness.

He said it can control the effects of alcohol in the brain and even get rid of the “bad” ones.

But you’ll have to wait to go on an “alcosynth” bender — Nutt’s team has a five-year plan to get it on the market.

He said, “The regulatory side is much harder than the science.”

Drinkers may thank him later, but for now, Nutt and his colleagues have to work out on necessary safety testing before authorities give them the green light.