GLOBAL ONE NEWS — In order to make an amusement park in Indonesia “family friendly,” two mermaid statues with their breasts exposed have been given clothing.

Jakarta’s Ancol Dreamland made the policy last year in a move it said was a way to respect “Eastern values.”

Images show the giant mermaids have had their chests covered with golden cloth.

Spokesperson Rika Lestari told BBC that the public space is in the “process of reshaping” aimed at becoming a “family-friendly amusement park.”

The management reportedly made the move first time in 15 years in the country where similar events have caused moral outrage.

However, instead of being appreciated, the change has drawn flak from the public — with mermaid sculptor Dolorosa Sinaga accusing the park of denying the public the access “to enjoy the arts.”

Ancol, meanwhile, clarified that there were no external pressures that influenced its decision.