GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A Spanish court has issued an international arrest warrant against a group of dissidents accused of raiding the North Korean embassy in Madrid.

The court March 26 said members of the Cheollima Civil Defence, also known as Free Joseon, intruded the embassy where they allegedly beat staff, attempted to force an attache to defect and stole state documents.

The intrusion occurred before the U.S.-North Korea summit in Hanoi.

The group admitted responsibility in the incident claiming it was a response to an “emergency situation,” but denied they “attacked” any of the staff.

All intruders believed to be as many as 10 managed to escape. One of them reportedly flew to New York and shared information they collected with the FBI.

Observers said the group could have been looking for information about Kim Hyok-chol — a former ambassador to Spain who is now the key negotiator in the U.S.-North Korea talks.