GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — China has claimed it had successfully cloned a police dog.

Kunxun is a female pup reportedly born in December last year and belongs to the Kunming wolfdog breed.

Partnered with government offices, China’s first biotech company, Sinogene, led the research. It took a DNA sample from a seven-year-old top-notch police dog Huahuangma and used it to create an embryo, which was then implanted to a beagle.

State-run news agency Xinhua said Huahuangma’s “outstanding abilities” made it “an eligible donor of genes.”

Researchers said cloned dogs can help save the police force time and costs in training the canines.

Observers, however, doubt that claim as previous researches showed cloning does not guarantee that the cloned specimen would mirror the behavior or ability of its parent.

Kunxun is currently in a police base in Yunnan Province where he would be training until he’s ready to join the force later this year.