GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — A British Airways flight was supposed to leave London for Dusseldorf on Monday, March 25 but instead ended up in Edinburgh — the capital city of Scotland.

Passengers said they did not notice the plane was heading north, although some said they saw a few signs such as the mountainous landscape.

So, imagine the surprise — or confusion — among the passengers when the pilot welcomed them to Edinburgh. One passenger reportedly said she thought the pilot was “joking.”

The “unfortunate mix-up” reportedly stemmed from a wrong flight plan prepared by WDL Aviation, which operated the flight on behalf of British Airways.

The flight plan was the same document air traffic control officers were also referring to, so, no one really knew the plane was heading to the wrong city except the passengers.

Well, after the brief Scottish stop, the airplane refueled and left — this time, to Dusseldorf.