Global One (G1)— A larger than life home for a larger than life individual.

Shaq lived here, and now you can too.

If you happen to have a cool $21 million lying around, that is.

It looks like the NBA Hall-of-Famer won’t need his old Florida crib for his new gig as a Papa John’s spokesman, so Shaquille O’Neal has put his Orlando-area home on the market.

It was a big enough place for the seven-footer to live in, so it’s probably big enough for you.

So what does $21 million get you?

The stuff of dreams — if you like cars, you can park 17 of them in the garage.

If you like movies, there’s a home theater.

Big Superman fan? The bed’s on an elevated platform with a Superman rug.

Cigar aficionado? There’s a built-in humidor.

And of course, since it’s Shaq’s old digs, there’s a basketball court.

So, will you be making an offer?

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