GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —In a region home to four of the world’s top marine plastic polluters, Southeast Asia could use an alternative to plastic straws.

This manufacturer based in Malaysia appears to have a solution to it.

Penang-based Nlytech Biotech showcased the “rice straw” in the Café Asia 2019 and Restaurant Asia 2019 exhibitions on March 21.

Made of rice and tapioca, the “rice straw” fully decomposes within 90 days. It lasts for four hours when used with a cold drink and three hours with a hot drink.

Company CEO Law Yee Tee also thinks it will be marketable saying it “will be very much affordable compared to other types of eco-friendly straws.”

The company is reportedly setting up its facilities in Penang for mass production. The product will be available in Singapore by May this year.