GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — The Philippines’ weather bureau has warned over 60% of the country is forecast to suffer drought over the next few months.

From April to June, 51 provinces will experience drought while 32 provinces will have to cope with a dry spell.

The arid conditions are brought by the El Niño phenomenon expected to be at its peak through May. It is forecast to continue through October and weaken in December.

The weather bureau has also warned the public to prepare for searing temperatures expected to reach up to 40.7C in Luzon.

The agriculture department, meanwhile, has called for the future development of irrigation systems as it struggles to cope with a warmer planet.

Irrigation for major rice fields in Pampanga and Bulacan can last through May, but Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said the government must “identify headwaters” soon to dredge river systems “to increase water holding capacity.”