GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —Philippine authorities have seized more than one billion pesos ($20.7 million) worth of illegal drugs — the country’s second-biggest drug haul so far this year.

A total of 166 kg (366 lbs) of methamphetamine on March 19 were confiscated from the suspects. Two of them were identified as Chinese nationals and the other one as Filipino-Chinese.

Drug agency chief Aaron Aquino said March 20 the drugs were packed in tea wrappers and biscuit cans.

Aquino added there were similar drug seizures in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar suggesting an international drug ring could be behind the crime.

A high-profile drug bust last month also involved Chinese nationals.

Aquino called for the reimposition of the death penalty for drug offenses, tighter security measures in borders and a fiercer fight against corruption.

He said, “The Chinese will never stop putting up drug laboratories because firstly, there is no death penalty, and secondly, they can buy anybody.”