Global One (G1)— A new mother orangutan has been blinded after she was attacked with an air gun. She also lost her one-month-old baby.

Rescuers in Sumatra Island named the great ape “Hope” for her strength and determination to survive the ordeal.

“Hope” has at least 74 wounds from air gun pellets — four in her left eye and two in the other eye. She also underwent surgery for a broken collar bone.

“Hope” was found by villagers in neighboring Aceh province — severely wounded but holding onto her infant. Her baby was malnourished and traumatized and died on its way to a rehabilitation center.

Rescuers are optimistic “Hope” will heal, but she cannot return to the wildlife anymore.

Recent studies show orangutan’s population in Indonesian rainforests has decreased by 100,000 since 1999 making them an endangered species.

The expansion of palm oil and paper businesses has destroyed rainforests taking away the ape’s habitat.

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