Global One (G1)—Officials are apologizing for a massive fire at a chemical facility in Deer Park Texas, saying, “We’re sorry.”

The fire burned for more than three days, sending dark plums of smoke over southeast Texas.

A spokesperson for Intercontinental Terminal Company said the company will conduct a root cause investigation and implement changes going forward.

ITC says at least 11 tanks in the burned area were damaged or destroyed.

The tanks hold more than three million gallons — but the company says none were at capacity at the time of the fire.

The Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson said they are monitoring the air and water quality.

Several schools in the area were closed as crews worked to put out the blaze.

The plant is located in the Houston region — which is no stranger to similar fires and explosions.

This one adds to the list of chemical plant fires, some of which were deadly.

Luckily no one was injured in Deer Park.

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