Global One News (G1) – It’s being called a “bomb cyclone” by scientists and it’s left a devastating scene in parts of the midwest.

Thawing snow and heavy rains have lead to historically high flooding, which has killed at least three people and forced thousands to evacuate.

One man was swept away in a car in Iowa and another man was killed in Nebraska when a bridge collapsed on him.

Two people are still missing.

Much of the devastation has taken place in Nebraska with huge impacts being felt also in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.

The flooding stemmed from a powerful winter hurricane last week and has killed livestock, destroyed grains and soybeans in storage and cut off access to farms because of road and rail damage.

People are using rafts to get around and homes and businesses are underwater.

Officials say it could get worse as the snow melt and spring rains could create additional flooding in the weeks ahead because of compromised levees.