Global One News (G1) – The head of a New York mafia crime family has been shot and killed outside his home.

Frank Cali — head of the Gambino family — was reportedly shot at least six times March 13 in Staten Island.

Reportedly, a truck crashed into Cali’s parked SUV car parked car outside of his home, and it’s suspected that may have been staged to lure him out.

When Cali walked outside there was a confrontation, then about a minute later the assassin pulled out a gun and shot him, then ran over him and fled in a blue car.

Cali was taken to the hospital where he later died.

According to some media reports, it’s the first targeted killing of a mob boss in the city since 1985.

That’s when the Gambino family’s Paul Castellano was shot dead outside a restaurant in on the orders of John Gotti.

The Gambino family was once considered the biggest organized crime group in the US.