Global One News (G1) – Some say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but according to a new study, it might be Finland.

The study — called the World Happiness Report — by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network takes into account income, freedom, healthy life expectancy and more.

It ranked 156 countries and for the second year in a row, Finland took the top spot.

Denmark, Norway, Iceland and The Netherlands were next in line for the happiest countries.

The report’s co-editor says, “It’s not about Finnish DNA. It’s the way life is lived in those countries.”

The U.S. came in 19th place, dropping one spot since last year.

In the U.S., depression and addictions from substance abuse to gambling to digital media reportedly played a role in causing unhappiness according to the report’s leaders.

The Philippines is ranked as the 69th happiest place.

South Sudan ranked the least happy on the list.