A beautiful and rare cloud formation captivated people in the United Arab Emirates.

This is called a “holepunch cloud” or “fallstreak phenomenon hole”’ and it was spotted in the skies by a resident who shared it on social media.

As he was driving, he noticed it and snapped a video of the cool monstrosity in the sky.

Reportedly, the phenomenon occurs when part of the cloud layer forms ice crystals that are large enough to fall as a “fallstreak.”

It’s essentially snow that falls in the middle of a cloud.

It looks like a large, circular patch of sky emerging from a heavy cloud.

Some people joked on social media it looked like a UFO, others said it looked as if “God had thrown a stone into a lake.”

It’s the first formation of its type to be seen in the U.A.E.in over ten years.

So, what’s your first impression of this cloud formation?