Global One News (G1) – A harrowing 24-hour nightmare for parents in Argentina ends with joy after their five-year-old son was found safe and sound in the desert.

Benjamin Sanchez went missing over the weekend during a family trip in the El Salado desert in San Juan province.

It took a team of about 1,000 people to find the boy, who said he survived by eating grass and drinking water from a stream.

He was found sitting under a tree by a motorcyclist.

He was dehydrated and taken to a hospital, but otherwise, is in very good shape.

Benjamin told reporters he starting running as his mom was chasing him and he got lost.  

He was found 13 miles from where he was last seen.

Residents say spending 24 hours in the desert is dangerous, especially since wild pumas roam the area.

Benjamin said he leaned on a rock to get some rest.

The boy has been reunited with his parents and is doing well.