GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — A university in the United States has received an anonymous half a million dollar gift aimed at supporting bee researchers.

The University of Vermont (UVM) on Tuesday, Mar. 5 announced it received the $500,000 donation which it said will be used to fund studies related to the insect pollinators.

UVM’s Gund Institute for Environment Director Taylor Ricketts said, “This gift acknowledges UVM and Gund Institute’s leadership in addressing global bee decline.”

Ricketts said the anonymous donor was concerned about bees and the problems they face as they play their role in the environment.

Ricketts said bees — which is vital for the world’s food supply — are threatened by habitat loss, climate change and pesticides.

He said research on bees would help resolve and address the declining bee population.

The university said it will offer grants to proposals from local, national and international research organizations using the fund.