GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Press the button, pose for a selfie, and post it on Instagram.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll instantly get a free cup of noodles.

This is the gimmick of food news resource Foodbeast in collaboration with Nissin Foods USA that’s recently attracting noodle lovers in Torrance and Las Vegas.

First unveiled on March 1, the Dream Machine proves that social media is a powerful platform for creative marketing.

Foodbeast co-founder Rudy Chaney said, “What started as a joke in a campaign ideation session turned into a project combining web development, machine fabrication, wiring and networking.”

For those who haven’t tried this, all you need is to follow the instructions — especially the use of a hashtag.

After it confirms your post, the machine will dispense various prizes such as a cup of noodles, video games or gift vouchers.

Dream Machine will be operating the entire month of March.