GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Do you want to “taste the life of a professional astronaut” for 12 days?

Yes, it’s possible— if you have $9.5 million.

American space technology start-up Orion Span is set to treat its guests on a luxurious space hotel trip on board a private jet-like spacecraft by 2022.

The in-orbit hotel Aurora Station — reportedly the world’s first — will host six people per batch for almost two weeks.

The journey comes with intense space experiences like gazing on 16 sunrises in a day and floating in zero gravity.

If that didn’t sound exciting, you could also treat yourself in a virtual reality experience called “holodeck” where you can walk on the moon or play golf.

While many seemed wowed, some didn’t find it worth the booking fee.

One commenter said, “It sounds magical but I would rather donate that amount to those in need.”