GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Fatal crocodile attacks over the past months have enveloped a remote Philippine town with fear and anger.

In a New York Times report on Mar. 3, some villagers in Balabac, Palawan said they were ready for desperate revenge — even if that means facing legal consequences.

A local watchman told NYT, “I wanted to blow the crocodile up. They can arrest me if they want. I love the people here.”

Crocodile attacks have been common across Balabac wetlands since 2015.

Some have survived — including a 12-year-old boy — but others were either mauled to death or eaten alive.

One of them was a 33-year-old fisherman whose mutilated body was discovered in November last year.

The 15.6-foot-long “problem crocodile” believed to have killed the fisherman was captured a month later.

Experts meanwhile warned residents to be more alert as crocodile attacks tend to continue primarily due to habitat destruction.