GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — A German yachtsman has been rescued from the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Thirty-year-old Arne Murke said he could not have survived if it weren’t for an unlikely improvised life jacket that saved him from drowning — his pants.

Murke told local media, “Luckily I knew the trick… Without the jeans, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Murke and his brother were sailing on Tolaga Bay on March 6 when he was knocked overboard.

His brother threw a life jacket to save him, but he was unable to reach it as he was already carried far off by the rough waters.

Murke then removed his pants, tied the ends of the legs, inflated it, trapped the air in and used it as an improvised life vest.

After three hours, he was spotted floating and immediately rescued.

Murke then expressed gratitude to his rescuers and said he will be “super careful in the future.”