GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — A member of the famed South Korean boy band Big Bang has announced retirement from showbiz after being accused of sex bribery.

Twenty-eight-year-old Seungri on Tuesday, March 12 wrote on Instagram, “I have decided to retire because the controversy has become so big.”

Reports said Seungri — or Lee Seung-hyun — allegedly provided sex services and initiated arrangements between prostitutes and his company’s clients via a messaging app in 2015.

Allegations against the singer heightened last month after he got involved in drug use and sexual assault cases.

The controversy has instantly turned into a national issue — with many disappointed Big Bang fans calling him a “national traitor” for damaging the band’s reputation.

Seungri became the third member of the globally acclaimed group to be embroiled in controversy after G. Dragon and T.O.P were previously investigated over the use of marijuana.

For Global One, in Metro Manila, I’m Kristel Yap.