Police release pictures of man they say robbed a group of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

The thief terrified the girls and got away with over $600.

The brazen crime happened recently outside a grocery store on a cold day in Seattle, Washington.

The man reportedly approached the girl’s stand several times and bought cookies then returned them — and the last time he walked up and grabbed their stash of cash that was in a bin.

[Jennifer Johanson]: “He just started running and he pushed past the girls and he grabbed the money and he took off and he got into a car that was waiting for him.”

This parent says her 11-year-old daughter was terrified and burst into tears when they got home.

The CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington calls the robbery “horrifying.”

To show the girls they’re not alone and supported, people are donating to their cause.

Soon after the robbery, one man came and gave the girls $50.