Talk about cool — literally and figuratively.

Bundle up for this super huge snow maze experience in Canada!

Just don’t get lost in this massive labyrinth as you run through it.

Clint Masse took 300 truck loads of snow and constructed this white attraction in St. Adolphe.

Clint’s hope was to build a larger maze than the one currently standing in a nearby Canadian town that measures 1,696 meters.

And — he did it!

Clint’s snow maze has been recognized by Guinness World Records at a whopping 2,789 square meters.

It took six weeks, a team of 12 and $43,000 to accomplish this icy mission.

Reportedly in just one recent weekend 1000 paying customers visited the snow maze — people from all around the world came to feel the chill.

So, if you’re looking for chilly thrill — now you know where to go.

It takes most people about 30 minutes to make their way out — unless you’re completely directionally challenged.