GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Some countries have temporarily suspended the use of Boeing 737 Max-8 jets following the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Mar. 10.

Carriers in China, Indonesia and the Cayman Islands were notified to stop using their Max-8s while investigations on the ET-302 flight continue.

Flight ET-302 nosedived into a field six minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa to Nairobi killing all 157 people onboard.

This is the second time a Max-8 crashed in less than a year. In October, a Lion Air flight using the same aircraft model plunged into the sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta.

What exactly caused the accidents remains unclear, although separate investigations reveal both pilots reported technical difficulties and requested clearance to head back to the port of origin before their aircraft crashed.

Boeing said it was “deeply saddened” with what happened and pledged to send a technical team to help Ethiopian authorities in the investigations.