GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Another HIV-patient is in sustained remission of the AIDS virus, his doctors revealed recently.

Tagged as the “London Patient,” the man reportedly showed no more trace of the virus according to recent test results, following a bone marrow transplant he received three years ago.

The donor had a rare genetic mutation that confers resistance to HIV.

The patient also reportedly stopped taking antiretroviral drugs for over 18 months.

Dr. Ravindra Gupta described his patient as “functionally cured” and “in remission,” adding “it is too early to say he’s cured.”

The “London Patient” is the second man in the world believed to be in sustained remission of the virus, following the “Berlin Patient” who underwent a similar treatment in Germany in 2007.

Observers said the treatment both patients received may not be for everyone— describing it as “expensive, complex and risky.” It, however, offers new treatment strategies.