Global One News (G1) – The search operation for two climbers who disappeared on Pakistan’s “killer mountain” Nanga Parbat has been called off.

A Pakistani official on Mar. 6 said the “very painful decision” was made after another search has failed to find Briton Tom Ballard and Italian Daniele Nardi.

The two — both considered to be among world’s best climbers — were last heard from on Feb. 24.

Reports said Ballard and Nardi could have been hit by a “huge avalanche” that night — which villagers assumed to have led to their death.

According to the BBC, friends have raised about $125,000 to fund search expenses.

However, rescue attempts have been unsuccessful — primarily due to inclement weather.

Ballard is reportedly the second in his family to experience such a “devastating” incident.

In 1995, his mother Alison Hargreaves — who named the first woman to conquer Mt. Everest unaided — died descending from the K2 mountain.