Global One News (G1) – This story comes with a — double ouch.

A man in Indiana accidentally shoots himself in the groin, yes in his private area — and later gets arrested.

Here’s the lowdown according to authorities.

Forty-six-year-old Mark Anthony Jones was walking down the street carrying a 9mm pistol in his waistband without a holster — and when it started to slip he grabbed it.

He accidentally pulled the pistol’s trigger and a bullet struck Jones just above his penis and exited thru his scrotum.

He was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery and is now recovering.

But now he’s in trouble with the law because authorities say he didn’t have an Indiana state license to carry a gun in the first place!

Jone reportedly has prior felony convictions and this case has been referred to the prosecutor’s office and he may actually face charges!

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