Global One News (G1) – New beetles discovered in Indonesia have been named after characters from Star Wars, Asterix and famous scientists — and those names only scratch the surface.

German entomologist Alexander Reidel likely had to name the new discoveries after anything he could think of — he found over 100 new species of weevil!

He named one weevil after the Star Wars character Yoda, another Obelix after a character from the French cartoon Asterix and another one after Charles Darwin.

He also named ones after his wife and daughter.

Another entomologist marveled at Reidel’s discoveries, telling Popular Science, “It’s a challenge because we try to coin an epithet that’s descriptive. To do so for a hundred species is almost mind-boggling.”

Weevils reportedly become different species faster and more often than many other creatures.

And no one seems to be better at finding them than Reidel — he discovered his first in 1990 and reportedly discovered another 101 in 2013.

That’s a lot of weevils!