Global One (G1)— Tattoos are very popular right now, but they’re actually much older than you might think.

Archeologists dated a tattooing kit on the Tongatapu island of Tonga to be almost 3,000 years old.

The kit was also made out of something you likely won’t find at your local tattoo parlor — human bones.

Reportedly, it was because there were no other large mammals around.

Researchers also believe people may have been given tattoos from a kit containing the bones of their ancestors.

The kit was actually found back in 1963 — but sat in storage until 2016.

One archaeologist called the find “phenomenal,” saying, “We very rarely find a whole kit of any type of tools in the archeological record.”

The oldest surviving tattoo kit was reportedly found in New Guinea and dates to about 3,500 years ago.