Global One (G1) – Imagine spotting this as you walk around town — a nearly 5 foot-long alligator on a leash!

I’d probably shreak but his owner says this alligator is friendly and laid back.

Yup, this is Joie Hennie’s pet pal — Wally!

The gator is actually a registered emotional support animal and his owner says Wally is good for his depression.

Here are pictures of the two cuddling and hugging.

Joie compares the reptile to a dog that loves to be petted.

It seems Wally is always on the go — he visits schools and senior centers all the time.

Joie rescued the gator in Florida when he was just 14 months and while he is a registered emotional support animal, he isn’t granted any special privileges under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Reportedly Wally has a comfy home life too — and hangs in his indoor plastic pond at home that he shares a smaller rescue alligator named Scrappy.