Global One (G1) – It’s one of the worst acts of animal abuse a sheriff deputy in Florida says he’s ever seen!

This dog groomer is busted on video allegedly ripping the tail off this German Shepherd, named TT.

And even worse — the dog is a service animal belongs to disabled veteran, Rick McGuire, who suffers from PTSD.

Earlier this month, authorities say James Suthann (sue-than) became angry when the dog moved around while he was trying to groom him.

The video was so disturbing — authorities refused to post it, but it shows Suthann allegedly squeezing the dog’s head and then lifted it from the ground by pulling on the tail.

The act caused the tail to be twisted a full 360 degrees — that’s when the tail broke.

[Rick McGuire]: “We got her back home and she wouldn’t come to us, she wouldn’t do anything so we went to the emergency hospital. It was just horrible.”

TT’s tail was amputated, and she appears to be doing okay now.

As for Suthann he was fired and arrested.