GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — In an Indonesian province, public display of affection could mean pain and public humiliation.

That’s what happened to a teen couple last week in the conservative state of Aceh after they were caught cuddling in public.

The teens — both 18 years old — were jailed for 98 days and later received 17 lashes on their backs by a masked individual while facing a crowd.

A government official reportedly said the punishment comes in violation of the Islamic Sharia law.

Under the religious law, any intimate or sexual activities outside of marriage, as well as same-sex relationships, are prohibited.
Offenders could be both jailed and whipped up to 100 times.

Aceh is the only state among 34 provinces in the country which practice such strict laws — which right groups and President Joko Widodo called for an end due to its cruelty.

However, the Muslim-dominated state of five million population still practices public whippings despite the previous statement that flogging would be done in prison.