Global One (G1)— The recent murders of suspected rapists in Bangladesh have set off a wave of mixed emotions regarding vigilante justice.

The bodies of at least three rape suspects have been found in separate districts in the southwestern part of the country the last two weeks.

One of the suspects is reportedly behind the gang rape and murder of a garment worker, while two others are suspected of raping a student.

Al Jazeera reported the men’s bodies were discovered with gunshots along with a note tied around their necks.

One of the notes read, “I am Rakib who raped [victim’s name]. This is the fate of the rapist. Rapists be aware… Hercules.”

A local official said the killings “felt like justice.”

People online are hailing “Hercules” as a hero with person writing, “Sir Hercules, Great Job. You are serving the nation and humanity.”

However, an activist said, “No one should be allowed to be killed extrajudicially.”

Meanwhile, families of the suspects killed believe police are behind the murders.