Global One (G1)— A New Mexico woman is dealing with a “bunch of bologna”. But it’s no laughing matter for the mother of a baby and her neighbors.

Reportedly, a random stranger continues to leave pee-soaked grocery bags of bologna and bread on Sharisha Morrison’s doorstep.

The meat man started leaving the sandwich makings January 1.

Morrison said, “He’ll just walk up and drop it on the little doorknob right here, and then walk away.”

The delivery comes in a plastic shopping bag and has a few pieces of bologna and some bread.

She first thought it was an act of kindness — but when she smelled the delivery, she quickly learned otherwise.

Morrison set up a security camera to capture the man on video and has even left notes for the man telling him to stop the harassment.

Police reportedly told the mother there’s nothing they can do unless they catch the perpetrator mid-delivery.

So the mystery meat man continues…