Global One (G1)— Care for an order of fish and chips?

Would you still be interested if you knew there was a decent chance your order could include endangered sharks species as scalloped hammerhead or spiny dogfish?

New research from the U.K.’s University of Exeter found many British wholesalers are unknowingly selling fish and chip shops endangered shark meat.

The study took 78 samples — and 90% belonged to the threatened spiny dogfish.

Catherine Hobbs, the study’s lead author said, “It’s almost impossible for consumers to know what they are buying.”

The study also examined shark fins destined for shark fin soup — and found fins from the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark.

In the U.K., shark is allowed to be sold under generic names, but after the findings, researchers are calling for accurate labeling.

Hobbs said, “People might think they’re getting a sustainably sourced product when they’re actually buying a threatened species.”