Global One (G1)— A Russian couple has been arrested in Malaysia for allegedly putting their infant at risk during a street performance.

This 90-second video taken in the clubbing district of Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur shows a man swinging his four-month-old baby between his legs and over his head. Sitting beside him is believed to be his wife holding a placard that read, “We are traveling around the world.”

According to The Star Online, the couple asked for donations.

Malaysian authorities said on Feb. 4 the two were arrested in the middle of another performance hours after the video went viral on Facebook.

The baby is reported to be in a safe condition.

Many social media users accused the couple of endangering their baby and called them “beg-packers.”

“Beg-packers” do tricks to collect money from locals in the country they are traveling in to fund their next adventure.