GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Indonesia’s plan to ban foreign-influenced songs has hundreds of musicians protesting the proposed bill they say could “destroy” freedom of expression.

Under a controversial draft law, any music containing pornographic, blasphemous and “negative foreign influences” will be outlawed.

It added offenders could face fines and imprisonment.

The move has been widely opposed by some 200 music artists — prompting them to form a coalition and launch a petition against the proposed measure.

The petition earned huge public support with 65,000 online signatures in just 24 hours after it launched Feb.3.

Supporters on Twitter have raised their voices with #RejectTheDraftMusicLaw.

A local drummer of a pop-rock band slammed the bill saying it would “rape his rights of freedom of expression, and eventually destroy them.”

A group of Indonesian musicians reportedly met with lawmakers last week to discuss the bill.