Global One News (G1) – A fire breaks out at an eight-story building in Paris — and kills at least 10 people including a baby.

It’s being called the most deadly fire in the city since 2005 and a 40-year-old woman is accused of intentionally starting it.

The blaze sparked overnight Tuesday, Feb. 5 at this apartment building where you can see flames leaping from windows and walls.

Residents in pajamas were running to save their lives while others were trapped.

Authorities arrested the  40-year-old woman, who was reportedly inebriated at the time and have accused her of intentionally starting the fire.

A Parisian prosecutor said the woman has had “prior psychological problems.”

The suspect’s neighbor told a local newspaper he thought this was an act of revenge after his girlfriend had knocked on her door to ask the woman to turn down loud music.

Over 30 people – including six firefighters – were injured.

One is in serious condition.

Surrounding buildings were also evacuated during the blaze.