GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—Residents at a village in northern India have scrambled in fear to their roofs as they escaped from a stray leopard.

The feline reportedly wandered into a house in the city of Jalandhar in Punjab State, prompting villagers to inform the police on Jan. 31.

Forest officials tried tranquilizing it, but the medicine couldn’t calm the animal. It eventually escaped over a wall and into a village.

CNN quoted a local forest official saying it got aggressive because the “area was very congested” with “very narrow lanes.”

During the seven-hour chase, the leopard injured six people most of whom were trying to catch it with a net.

Rescuers later trapped it in a house where it was again tranquilized and eventually calmed down. A group of veterinarians then came in and took the animal.

According to Times of India, the leopard was released to Hoshiarpur jungles on Feb. 2.