Global One News (G1) – Authorities say it’s almost like a scene out of a movie — but this is real life!

A sinkhole found in Pembroke Pines, Florida turns out to be a tunnel leading to a bank — a plan allegedly masterminded by would-be bank robbers.

The FBI says this man-made tunnel was leading to a Chase bank ATM area across the street.

The hole was discovered by city work crews after heavy rains softened the soil.

After inspection, crews found the tunnel — which is about 50 yards long and about 2-to-3 feet wide, making it very claustrophobic.

Near the hole, boots, a generator, rope and a wagon were found.

It’s unclear how long the tunnel has been there or when the last time someone was inside working on it.

Authorities believe it took more than one more person to build this tunnel.

Meanwhile, authorities continue to dig for answers and the would-be robbers.

So far no one has been arrested.