Global One (G1)— The arrest of a very pregnant woman in Sweden has sparked an outcry.

The unnamed woman allegedly was caught without a train ticket on the metro in Stockholm. Reportedly, guards drug her off the train.

Video of the incident shows the guards overpowering the woman in front of her young daughter.

The woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A popular blogger complained that it was no surprise that Swedes of African origin were being “racially profiled and mistreated”.

Swedish feminist-anti-racist organization added this was not the first time security guards had used force in recent months.

A spokesperson for the Stockholm public transport company reportedly said, “Evidently this was not handled correctly the whole way through.”

The woman is accused of resisting the guards’ efforts to remove her from the train. Meanwhile, the guards face charges as well.

The two security guard involved in this incident has been suspended pending an internal investigation.