Global One (G1)— Robots — they can perform surgery, crawl through sewers to make repairs, vacuum a floor and so much more.

You can now add playing Jenga to the list.

Researchers at MIT have developed a robot with a specially-made gripper, a camera and an agile “wrist” — all of which allow it to excel at the game Jenga.

The game involves a carefully built tower made of 18 layers of three blocks.

The goal — remove as many blocks as possible before the tower crumbles.

Winning the game requires concentration, dexterity and vision.

This robot is perfectly suited for the task — using visual and tactile feedback to “learn” which blocks it should remove.

As to why the world needs a Jenga-playing robot, researchers say it shows an advancement in robots’ physical interactions.

One researcher said, “This is very difficult to simulate, so the robot has to learn in the real world, by interacting with the real Jenga tower.”