Global One News (G1) – Faking a fall to cash in on some insurance money — that’s what a New Jersey man is accused of doing.

And you guessed it  — his fake fall was all caught on camera poking holes in his scheme.

This is Alexander Goldinsky in his workplace break room last year where he was an independent contractor.  

The video shows the 57-year-old man dumping ice onto the floor, walking on top of an ice cube and then lying on the floor.

Reportedly, he waited to be discovered and later filed a claim for an ambulance and treatment for injuries he said he sustained as a result of the fall.

Goldinsky told CBS New York, “I didn’t do it, it was a mistake.”

Meanwhile, prosecutors say this video is all the evidence you need to see what really happened.

Goldinsky was arrested January 15 and was recently charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception in a bogus insurance claim.