GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — It seems like many Bollywood fans are not yet ready for a film featuring a same-sex romance.

This comes after Indian media reported the star-studded film called in English “How I Felt When I Saw A Girl” — hit a low weekend sales after it kicked off in local cinemas Feb. 1.

Indian media reported the first three-day screening earned just under $190,000 after having “limited patronage.”

The story centered on the life of a woman engaged in a same-sex relationship and how she and her parents deal with its pressures.

Despite critics slamming the movie as an “average” film, many praised it.

A local director tweeted, “Such a difficult subject handled with so much dignity [and] restraint… It’s an important film first of its kind.”

India’s film industry has long been bounded with rejections until the Supreme Court lifted a colonial-era ban on “homosexuality” September last year.