GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— Plenty of parents try to keep their kids away from drinking sodas, swapping out those fizzy drinks for fruit juice.

But parents, you may want to think again, and no — not just because of the high levels of sugar.

New research published by Consumer Reports (CR) says in 45 different juice drinks they tested, heavy levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and even arsenic were found.

Those metals were discovered in popular brands such as Ocean Spray, Welch’s, Capri Sun and plenty of others.

Consumer Reports chief scientific officer James Dickerson says, “In some cases, drinking just four ounces a day—or half a cup—is enough to raise concern.”

CR shared that being exposed to those toxins can lead to a risk of a “lower IQ, behavioral problems, type 2 diabetes and cancer.”

Some juice brands responded that their products adhere to government regulations.

Ultimately, it’s recommended to limit how much juice your children consume and to stick with water and milk.