GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Does Miss Vietnam’s gown look a tad bit familiar? Or what about that slo-mo twirl?

For many Filipinos, they say yes indeed — copied straight from the look of 2019 Miss Universe winner Catriona Gray.

It’s actually Vietnam’s Ngân Anh Lê Âu, who competed in the Miss Intercontinental 2019 pageant Jan. 26.

She sported this red gown during the evening wear competition and it looks an awful lot like the one Gray wore.

Many fans of Gray’s pointed out that the gown, the careful parting of her hair and the walk — all resembled Gray’s style.

One commenter wrote, “Did Miss Thailand and Miss Vietnam copied Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s Lava walk… and gown?”

Another posted, “Here’s proof that Miss Intercontinental Vietnam “idolizes” Miss Universe’s Catriona Gray.”

Miss Vietnam posted on Facebook, “Thank you for your hurtful words to make me stronger and be a reason for me to pursue my advocacy against cyber-bullying.”

Meanwhile, Philippines’ Karen Gallman was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2019.