Global One (G1)— Border walls are a hot topic right now — and the U.S is not alone in debating them.

Denmark is planning to build a 42-mile-long fence along their southern border with Germany.

The difference is this wall isn’t meant to keep out people, but rather — pigs.

The Scandinavian country fears an epidemic of African swine flu — which was recently discovered in Belgium — could harm Denmark’s massive pig industry.

If the nation gets hit with the disease, their pork exports could suffer a $1.7 billion loss.

Denmark’s Minister for Environment and Food said Denmark was going “to do everything we can to prevent African swine fever reaching Denmark. And now we can finally get started on erecting our wild boar fence”.

The fence will be about five feet tall — reportedly low enough for other animals to cross.

Critics, however, say the fence is merely symbolic — and may not even stop pigs from crossing.