Unwanted pregnancies are a problem around the globe due to unreliable birth control methods.

Now a group of scientists in the U.S. may have found a solution with a new easy to administer contraceptive known as the microneedle patch.

Dr. Mark Prausnitz and a team of scientists at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, introduced the patch that works when a patient deposits microneedles into her skin.

It then releases a contraceptive hormone over the course of the month that prevents pregnancy. Don’t worry… researchers say it’s not hard to administer.

In fact, you simply press the microneedle patch onto your skin and a very small dissolvable microneedle enters the top layer of the skin.

So does it hurt?

Prausnitz said, “Some people describe it as if you were to take a bit of Velcro and press that against your skin.”

Basically, there’s a sort of a roughness pushed against the skin, but it’s reportedly not painful.