Global One News (G1) – Yay, here’s another reason not to feel bad about eating chocolate!

A group of English researchers says if you’ve got a nagging cough — reach for the nearest chocolate bar, not cough syrup because it may help you kick the cough quicker.

A group of 163 patients was examined and given either regular over the counter codeine syrup or a chocolate-based medicine called ROCOCO.

The researchers from the University of Hull say the participants who used the chocolate-based medicine reported a “significant improvement” in symptoms within two days compared to regular cough syrup.

Alyn Morice — the study’s lead author — said the chocolate syrup is stickier “so it forms a coating which protects nerve endings in the throat.”

The authors recommend sucking on a piece of chocolate to help alleviate cough symptoms.

Hot chocolate, however, may not work well because it doesn’t linger in the throat long.

Good tips — I mean who doesn’t love justifying eating chocolate!